Waste and laundry chute systems

Laundry chute systems

Design and principle of operation of laundry chutes are similar to waste chutes. The only principle difference is diameter of standpipe. Laundry chute is designed for delivery of linen from floors to laundry in hotels, sanatoriums, hospitals, children’s preschool institutions. The laundry chute is made from sheet stainless steel of 1,5mm thickness. Laundry collector is located at the bottom of laundry chutes. Automatic fire valve is located between laundry collector and standpipe. Fire-arresting damper of fire valve automatically shuts down standpipe of laundry chute in case of fire. The laundry chute standpipe diameter is 610mm. Feed door slit size is 460mm х 460mm. Feed door is equipped with electromechanical lock, which blocks all doors if any of laundry chute door is open at this time. At the top of feed door a sprinkler is located to suppress fire in the laundry chute standpipe automatically. The laundry chute is terminated with ventilation unit with 300mm diameter of stainless steel pipe (sheet of 1,5mm thickness) and running to building roof.

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Trash chute systems

Provision of ecological and comfortable living and urban environment is directly connected with solving of waste disposal problem. The task of designers and builders is to forecast and equip apartment buildings with up-to-date technologies and systems of waste disposal systems and operation of systems is the task of municipal services. The corporation "ТСМ Groups" solves the problem of creation of a complex of engineering systems for waste chutes of multi-storied buildings, which provide: 
 • Automatic fire extinguishing in case of fire of waste in standpipe; 
 • Automatic washing and disinfection of waste chute; 
 • Automatic washing and disinfection of a refuse chute; 
 • Suppression of gravitational speed of waste dropping is defined, if necessary; 
 • Ventilation.

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