They thank us


 Feedback from «Zaporizhia  Nuclear Power Plant»  

Feedback  on completion of automated complex of physical  security equipment system at the «Zaporizhia  Nuclear Power Plant»

Feedback from «Rivne NPP»  

Feedback  on physical protection upgrades executed  by the Corporation «TSM GROUP» at  SE «Rivne NPP»


 Letter of reference  from “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant”  

Letter of reference  issued by the SSE “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” to the «TSM GROUP» Corporation for completion of the SSE “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant”  controlled area perimeter security equipment system design.

Letter of reference from Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant  of "Energoatom"  

Letter of reference  on  security equipment system completed  by the Corporation «TSM GROUP» at  Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant  of "Energoatom"( National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine)

Gratitude from the economic faculty of the KNU named. T.G. Shevchenko  

Gratitude from the economic faculty of the KNU named. T.G. Shevchenko to Corporation "TSM GROUP is the official sponsor of the II stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiad from specialty "Management of organization".

Gratitude from construction club  

Gratitude for active participation and contribution in carrying out design and construction club "Donetsk. Through the thorns to the stars"


Gratitude from eco - rehabilitation centre hippotherapy "Camelia"  

Gratitude for the contribution to the construction of eco - rehabilitation centre hippotherapy "Camelia" and support for animal therapy in Ukraine.



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