Passive fire safety systems

Fireproof metal and timber doors

Fireproof doors are mandatory means of fire spread protection in industrial facilities, office, commercial and public buildings.

Due to wide range of standard and special dimensions and boundary of fire resistance (from 30 to 120 minutes) the required doors can be chosen for any needs. Optionally the doors can be completed with additional equipment.

Fireproof gates

Fireproof gates, which are automatically closed in case of fire, enable to protect open wall slots against fire spreading inside buildings and parkings.

The gates are automatically closed in case of fire. When the the gate is closed pedestrians can go through built-in pedestrian gates. Automatics can be connected to general fire safety system of building. Fireproof gates are customized and can have any dimensions. The gate standard colour is grey (RAL 7032), but optionally it can be painted according to desired RAL colour.

Fireproof and antismoke curtains

Advanced building technologies compel new approaches in safety of buildings and facilities, that is special fireproof structures, which could ultimately resist to fire spreading, deviding large rooms intoseparate areas, resulted in new type of fire protection, i.e. fireproof curtains. Such fire resistant structures enable to not only suppress fire spreading, but effectively evacuate personnel, actuate fire fighting primary means, reduce probable material damage. Particularity of many rooms (for example, storage facilities, warehouses, halls, atriums) prevents installation of fixed fire barriers. In these cases fire safety is successfully secured by application of flameproof fabrics.

In the “standby” state fireproof curtains are rolled under ceiling. They are lifted and lowered automatically. Wide choice of antismoke curtains enables to use them in any building: from warehouse to theatre. Without damaging of existing interior they will either easily fit in interior of any building or be hidden in special boxes to be actuated at proper time.

Fireproof glass partitions

Transperancy, provided by translucent structures, is an integral part of modern building and facility architecture. The customer’s choice to install glass partitions and at the same time to meet their fire resistance requirements is quite possible. Frame and framless glass partitions with fire-resistance rating 30, 45 and 60 minutes are available. The partitions are manufactured without limitation as per height and length. Doors of required fire-resistance can be built in the partitions.

Fireproof partitions from fire protection panels "PROMAT"

Light self-supporting partitions to be dry process mounted are developed to isolate building or its part as a separate fire compartment. Height and length of the partitions are not limited. Fireproof doors or fire-resistant glass can be installed into the partitions. High mechanical strength of the partitions enables to manufacture walls of elevator shafts. Fire resistance of the partitions is from 60 to 180 minutes.

Fireproof ventilation grids

Fireproof ventilation grids are designed for distribution of air absorbtion and extraction of any type of ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems: residential apartments, offices, shops, manufacturing facilities. Ventilation grids are an integral part of ventilation system. In case of fire they secure fire barrier during 45 and 60 minutes (at the temperature of 120˚С slats are expanded and raise fire barrier).

Fireproof materials "PROMAT"

The basic material for “Promatect” fireproof structures and systems is fire protection panels “Promatect”, which are manufactured according to concrete technology. Their base includes cement and material of mineral origin as fillers. The panel properties enable to manufacture self-standing box structure without using of profile.

Promat also offers as follows:

-          fireproof glass “PROMAGLAS” and “SYSTEMGLAS”,

-          foaming building materials such as “PROMASEAL” and “PROMASTOP” in case of fire,

-          fireproof plastering mistures “Cafco”,

-          fireproof paint,

-          fireproof seals for non-fireproof conduits,

-          various joint compounds.

Fire protection of buildings structures and systems

Building structures’ fire protection work performance system approach is important.

We perform the following fire protection works:

- Fire protection of bearing metal structures.

- Fire protection of concrete structures..

- Fire protection of air conduits..

- Fire protection of cable ducts..

- Fire protection of cable penitrations.

- Fire protection of combustible conduits of utilities.

- Fire protection of Вогнезахист functional joints, abutments, manufacturing and other holes.

-Fire protection of timber structures and articles from wood fiberboards and chipboards.

- Fireproof treatment of fabric, paper and reed articles.


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