The “TSM GROUP” Corporation (2013)
• 20 years of experience in the security market.
• 17 years of our own production line of turnstiles and access control systems.
• 15 years of participation in projects for the physical protection of Nuclear Power Plants.
• 12 years on the market of the construction of architectural structures, stairs, fences.
• 15000 m2 of production plant area.
• Export products to more than 30 countries of the world.
• 700 qualified specialists.
• 11 years the use and implementation of the quality management system in accordance with requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008 (starting with the standard ISO 9000).
• The «TSM group» many departments on work with clients, servicing, advertising, design, development of new programs and products, introduction of new technologies, departments of quality, safety, logistics, public relations, work with the personnel.

History of the creation and development
Creation of the investment and insurance company «Transexpo», which was engaged in the sales of computer equipment and many other areas.

New company «ISK Transexpo» was established as a result of restructuring of the investment insurance company. The first projects on security systems installation.

The first contracts with Western manufacturers of the equipment for security systems.
Development of the new regulatory framework «On the application of the security-fire equipment» together with the state security service of MIA of Ukraine.

«TiSO» company foundation.  Designing and installation of security systems and access control. The first product of own design technical facilities of protection. Designing turnstile DN6 - the prototype of serial models horn turnstiles.

The first international project on physical protection systems at the “Chernobyl  Nuclear Power Plant” .
«Transat» Ltd company creation with specializing in the field of video surveillance.

Creation of the company «SteelArm» - the importer and seller of equipment of leading world manufacturers of security systems.
The creation of a management structure of the Corporation «Transexpo», composed of 4 companies: «ISK Transexpo», «TiSO», «SteelArm», «Transat»Ltd.

Installation of access control systems at the Chernobyl NPP, including the zone of the 4th, the destroyed reactor.

Completion of the reconstruction of the own office and moving of all companies in the manufacturing and office complex on Yamskaya street, 72.
Beginning of building of a dealer network for security systems.

Commissioning of systems of physical protection of the Khmelnytsky and Rivne NPPs.
The transition of the company to work in accordance with the international quality management system ISO 9001.

Execution of large orders in the design and installation activities on creation of the fire security systems in the biggest business and shopping centers, banks, offices.

First participation in the international exhibition of manufacturers of security systems IFSEC in the UK, Birmingham, with its own products.

The beginning of export deliveries to international markets.
Designing, launching serial production of fire-prevention doors and gates.

The owners of the Corporation «Transexpo» took a decision on termination of the joint business and the company. As a result of the company «ISK Transexpo» and «Transat» Ltd had been separated.

Corporation «Transexpo» has been restructuring in the «TSM GROUP». It included a group of manufacturing companies “TiSO”, company «SteelArm», «Priority-Service» and other

Implementation of new technologies and equipment in manufacturing.

Expansion of the dealer network in Ukraine and in international markets.

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