Logistic equipment

Industrial sectional gates

Actually industrial sectional gates are the best solution for wide openings in commercial and industrial buildings. Effectiveness of handling is prioritized in this field and the right choice of gate plays a significany part. Improperly developed gate can restrain handling procedure as well as repaire and technical inspection may be found very expensive. The industrial sectional gates “Novoferm” provide easy, convenient and reliable operation, appealing appearance and are in operation condition in every kind of weather.

Besides they are intended for reliability and long service life. They are easily repaired and preventively maintained. Various options: with glass, manual, mechanical or automatic actuator, built-in pedestrian gate, automation of hydraulic platform, different lifting versions can meet any requirements.


Dock shelters and hydraulic platforms

Sectional gates and trestle built-in self-regulated levelling hydraulic platforms provide convenient and safety of vehicle handling. The single handling system is a specific airlock between facility and vehicle and includes the following components: sectional gate, flexible device for narrowing of gate opening during vehicle handling; levelling hydraulic platform, rubber bumper to stop before trestle during vehicle handling; additional protective systems (traffic lights, guide bars, marking line etc.). Reasonable dimensions of hydraulic platform provide perfect bridge between room floor and vehicle body. In this case the handling time is ultimately increased. Flexible narrowing, which is located between vehicle body and gate, prevents draught and impact of weather conditions on indoor climate.

Hydraulic platform is a levelling hydraulic platform, which is a bridge between vehicle body floor and level of handling platform or other surface, covering space and compensating level difference. At this a part of the platform can be on the same level with vehicle body floor.


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