security systems

Security Alarm Systems

The purpose of Security Alarm Systems is detection of protected site intruder. Our many years' experience of implementation of security and access control systems for banks, offices, marts and nuclear power plants makes the Customer sure that all alarm systems including perimeter security systems will be most advanced and effective.


Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems are the critical component of security system. They enable to check to see status of the site to be protected in varied conditions under different levels of site luminance including complete darkness. In automatic unattended mode they enable to detect intrusion into the site to be protected and many other features depending on complexity of system. Video Surveillance System includes video cameras, display facilities, operating mode control facilities and recording devices.


Metal detectors and inspection systems

Metal detectors are designed for detection of weapons and other dangerous metallic objects. Up-to-date metal detectors have full microprocessor control, a great number of functions that significantly lighten and expedite the work of operators. Metal detectors are widely used in security systems as well as for theft detection and prevention.

Security of public events, airplane flights, sealiner tours require application not only metal detectors but also special equipment for inspection of personal properties of visitors and passangers. Our close cooperation with leading global manufacturers enables to offer the Customer the most reliable and up-to-date detecton and inspection equipment.


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