Timber and metal doors

Doors are one of the principle items of interior. Interoom doorsets from natural wood will be perfect addition both for home and office interior. Quality of manufacturing and treatment technology ensures absence of deformation of doors during all term of operation. Doors are made of ecologically clean materials and consequently are completely safe for health. A variety of design solutions with application of aluminum and glass elements enables to find ideal blend in with with modern interiors.

Stainless steel doors are featured by high mechanical durability from chemically active substances and concentrated acids.

Special purpose doors

Special purpose doors are devided into X-ray protective, spark resistant, heat-insulating and those with increased soundproofing. Special purpose doors are most often used in industrial facilities, research centers and laboratories in order to prevent negative impact of the certain factors on the world around. Their properties depend on relevant requirements of the customer, therefore they are manufactured according to individual order. These modifications are equipped with electronic locks, technical latches and other similar devices. Special purpose metal doors are multifunctional, but have no excesses in decoration.

Glass doors and partitions

Translucent structures are an integral part of modern architecture and are widely used in construction of administrative and industrial buildings, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals etc. To translucent structures the same general fire protection requirements are made as to enclosing structures, i.e.: they should protect from spreading of fire and smoke, their design should retain integrity, maintain the relevant parameters of maximal increasing of temperature on opposite to fire side.


Glass partitions for commercial sites

Marts, transport units, banks, public buildings, industrial facilities, fitness-centres, schools and academies are far not the full list of sites where fixed partitions are used. Mobile partitions are used for zoning of working areas in banks, offices, operational halls and others. Glass partitions enable to separate rooms and create comfort conditions for work. They also integrate space enabling to provide sense of unity, corporativity and interrelation.


We can perform the project of any complexity and we can manufacture stairs of any type: screw-type, on bolz, with stringer, on strings. Materials for manufacturing of stairs is chosen as carefully as for exquisite ornaments as stairs in building also is ornament. Wood, metal, glass, stainless steel coming into the hands of professional turn to graceful geometrical shapes. We offer a full range of works: visit of designer to take dimensions, conceptual design, manufacturing and installation. Design office thothoughly estimates bearing loads, verifies optimal rise and depth of stairs, draws convenient angle of stairs turn. In the result of our work you will obtain unique stairss, created according to your fantasy and wishes.

Enclosures of stairs, atriums and balconies

Enclosures are required for staies, atriums and balcony. Enclosures can transform the improvised cafe in small island of rest in in a noisy place, weave pattern on show-window or department shop, to be helpful when descending to the platform of railway station. Enclosures from polished stainless steel with brass and glass elements are looked especially effectively. Wooden enclosures are most often installed in living space. Diameter of handrails and enclosure fillers is chosen individually. In designs of enclosures we also use metal of various colors and profiles: from standard steel rebar and pipes of different diameter up to strip and sheet parts of most amusing shapes.

Ceilings, floors, domes

We offer to use transparent ceiling or floor made of glass in elegant metal frame. Durability, bearing capacity, wear resistance of triplex glass respond to all building regulations and design transparency enables visual expansion of space of apartment, shop, bar or other facilities. A variety of shapes and colors of glass and metal elements enables to fulfil any fantasy of the customer.

Glass domes are made of double-glazed windows from multilayered and tempered glass, which are placed on metal guides. These transparent air designs enable to delicatlely emphasize beauty of V.I.P restaurant hall or atrium of station. Thorough estimation of such products by our designers ensures the domes will withstand all normative loadings from wind, rain or snow factors.

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Suspended spider facades

One of the most impressive applications of glass in architecture is planar glazing of facades. Planar glazing technology has arisen rather recently and now it is one of the most advanced among façade ones. It consists in one-to-one adjoining of transparent elements (glass, double-glazed windows), not divided by frames or partitions, due to which they differ from profile systems. Owing to absence of frame elements facades and partitions become more transparent. The most important functional and decorative element of planar façade is bearing metal design in the form of truss, beam, arch or screw-type truss from steel or aluminium. 

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Canopies, visors, cantilever constructions

It is pleasant to have protection over head on cloudy rainy day leaving the house. Canopies or visors are so common phenomenon in facility, that any owner wishes to distinguish himself by attractively fashioned entrance. Original canopy is a complex engineering structure. Before canopy is manufactured and installed, it is necessary to estimate load on bearing elements to provide resistance of material and make a structure which will withdraw heavy weather conditions i.e. strong wind, rain and snow drifts.

Coating of columns, walls, ceilings, stairs, floors

In the age of high technologies coating accepts elaborate outlines and forms. Beauty is not the only reason due to which structured stainless steel is used. Its rigid surface is perfect for coating of stairs. It is practical and versatile material for coating of columns of various shapes - triangular, square, ellipsoidal and round. Plates of structured stainless steel perfectly fit as protective coating to be used as floors in the locations, where it is desirable to maintain cleanliness: operating rooms and even in public lavatories.

Steel ceiling or wall with perforation, pattern or color will add originality to any interior.

Coating of domes, escalators, lift shafts

Hi-Tech style created at the interface between architecture, art and sciences, continues to give surprises in coating. Corrosionproof perfectly polished matte or mirror panels become attribute of ultrafashionable style in public interior: at stations, in cafes, bars, offices.

In creation of "Mandarine-Plaza" "space" interior open lift shafts play the key role in takeoff strips to the glass sky. And fantastic escalators with transparent mechanisms of conveyers remind perpetual motion machine. Coating with mirror stainless steel panels of lift shafts and bottom parts of escalators was an anxious work to some extent. But faultless result is appreciated by all "Mandarine-Plaza" visitors. Time as proven criterion of durability everywhere becomes helpful to stainless steel products.

Architectural fountains and garden sculpture

Modern park and city decor exists today without restrictions of styles and forms. The idea of time to be passed has been embodied in city park facility as sundial from stainless steel. Braided with ivy air steel pergolas, decorate city streets. Facilities of ventilating systems, which absorbs air from underground parkings, have dressed in steel coat of mail. панцырь. Even on the belltower of the Church of George the Victorious begin to shine with gold modern architechtural forms.

Decorative elements and structurs

Any facility requires architectural crowning. Now roof structures in the form of steeple, spheres and hemispheres, which picturesquely crown the facility, are especially popular. We offer optimal material for performance of roof structures: stainless steel which has significant advantages. It does not require special care, constant painting, and is corrosion-retardant. Truss constructions bear an aire of originality and exclusiveness due to variety of elements, which create unique patterns and appropriate geometry. Powerful stainless steel truss constructions at the entrance of the Central Department Store from the Kreshchatik street, which bear load about three tons of the weight of crystal lusters, look openwork and air due to implementation of nonstandard solution of our design office. Original "Mushroom", which has appeared on the threshold in imaginations of inhabitants multistoried buiding, has grown in metal outlines of our designers, mounted in the Vetrova street in the Kiev city.

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Advertising structurs

The market needs the require application of external advertising on facades or roofs of buildings. We offer strong and corrosion-retardant metal advertising structures with application of metal profile and grids, which withstand any atmospheric precipitates and loads. Such solution enables to make the structures hardly visible in case of absence of advertising on them. The structure enables to fix them both on roofs and even on glass facades. Modularity of elements enables to build advertising carriers from small screens up to enormous areas of hundreds square meters.


Individual architectural furniture

From our materials it is easy to construct stylish accessories for office, cosy for home, elegant for bar and durable for garden. Hi-Tech style does not lose popularity and is as eternal as civilization. Counters, racks, trays are only the beginning for flight of fantasy. Durable articles from stainless steel will look good in the street, in the garden, office and your house.

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Details of interior

The design of interior can be guessed in sketches of architect, seen in threedimensional graphic program, in drawings of designer. But we are the only ones to provide you real implementation.

We will manufacture decorative elements of interior according to your sketches and inventions: luminairs, corners for columns’ coaring, decorative supports, little tables, handrail in sauna. We can manufacture elements of any geometrical shape and volume: round, convex, змееподобные. In designs we use metal of various colors and shapes as well as wood of any species.

Accessory equipment for medical facilities, pharmaceutical and food industries

Any of these branches are unable to do without accessory processing equipment with high requirements to sterility, durability and resistance to environment, let alone technological parameters.
Experience and production potentialities of our corporation give us the right to declare ample opportunities of manufacture of special accessory equipment for these fields: from creation of clean room walls, such as operating rooms, to manufacturing of special furniture and containers.



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