Active fire safety systems

Fire alarm system

Even application of the state-of-the art technologies dosn’t ensure complete fire safety, but early fire detection and warning is very important to minimize fire effects. This function is performed by Fire alarm system.

We can offer the Customer the most up-to-date address and non-address alarm systems, which are able to solve any technical problems with maximum cost effectiveness.

Fire warning

Besides sound and light fire warning devices in public places, voice fire alarm can be also used. In normal conditions these systems are used for broadcasting of background music, advertising or information messages. Variety of shapes and sizes of loudspeakers ensures blending in with any interior.

Fire extinguishing

Automated water fire-extinguishing

Reduction of fire loss expenses and avoidance of fire victims on people attended sites are ensured by application of automated water fire-extinguishing systems, which enable to extinguish flame in the point of its origin without creation of extra threat to people. Water fire-extinguishing systems consist of fire fighting reservoirs, pumps, valves, conduits and sprinklers. Sprinklers are evenly ceiling mounted on conduits in each fire hazard room.

Automated gas fire suppression

Automated gas suppression systems are used for fire extinguishing in confined area technical rooms.

Modular facilities can be installed directly in the room to be protected. It enables to substantially reduce length of conduits and not damage structural elements (walls, floors) of rooms.

Regulatory and technical basis enables application of gas fire suppression systems in storage facilities, server rooms, garages, drying chambers, paint rooms, transformer rooms etc.

Fire extinguishing water conduit

Fire extinguishing water conduit consists of two parts: external and internal. Internal water conduit is a conduit linked to fire hydrant, which are located in fire cabinets, as well as fire hoses and water engine.

Internal water conduit is a conduit terminated with fire hydrants. When existing water conduit is ready for service, we design, approve, install and connect residential buildings to water conduits with drinking water and industrial buildings to water conduits with industrial water.

Smoke removal systems

The problem of arrangement of smoke removal system is very often arised when advanced building project is implemented. Application of fans is not advantageous for investor if facility is further operated. This equipment can be used only when undesirable conditions occur. In many cases a worthy alternative to these systems is application of smoke removal and ventilation systems, which are constructed on the principle of gravitational smoke removal, i.e. skylights. Besides its principle function (smoke removal), such solution performes a number of not less useful secindary functions, such as room illumination and natural ventilation, that automatically reduce expenses for artificial illumination and ventilation. And for the buildings with a large number of internal rooms (supermarkets, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities) such technology enables also to settle the problem of underrrof space redundant humidity.

Fire-protection dispatching control

Fire-protection dispatching control is a system of technical means for fire prevention, extinguishing, localization or suppression inside rooms. Fire hazard facilities, buildings and rooms are equipped with fire automatics. Fire automatics means are designed for automatic detection of fire, warning of people and evacuation management, automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal, control of engineering and manufacturing equipment of buildings and sites. Fire-retardant damper, smoke removal and air pressurization valves and fans, fireproof gates and shutters, elevators and moving stairs are controlled.


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