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Access control systems S'tern

Advanced Access control systems perform personal identification, verification of access rights at the present moment and in proper direction, automatic decision-making regarding access permit or denial, door, turnstile or other actuating device control, event recording. Access control systems can be independent, network or even global depending on customer’s requirements to functionality, information capacity and scale.


We offer two types of turnstiles: waist-high and full-height turnstiles. Full-height turnstile secures complete barring of access area and is designed for arrangement of access to the sites with high security requirements. There are manufactured four types of waist-high turnstiles and a number of modifications: swing gate, horn tripod turnstile, pedestal tripod turnstile, rotor turnstile with glass blades.
-       Rotor turnstiles ensure single access, have nice appearance, that is why they normally are installed at the entrance of offices, banks, museums, hotels.
-     Electromechanical swing gates are installed for arrangement of free entry/exit at stores or supermarkets. Swing gates don’t separate pedestrian traffic flow by single access, so the swing gate can be accessed by several pedestrians.
-      Tripod turnstile is the most popular turnstile, which are used in the systems of electronic access points. These turnstiles can be installed in restricted space places.
Stainless steel turnstile modifications ensure their reliable outdoor operation under unfavourable weather conditions. It is confirmed by many years’ experience of operation of full-height turnstile installed outdoors. Normally the turnstiles are connected to access control systems.

Automatic doors and gates

Sliding gate automatic equipment
There are available all models of this type of actuators for all kinds of sliding gates by weight from 200 kg to 3500 kg. Compact actuators with built-in control system ensure long-term operation even when they are heavily used.
Sliding gates built-in building strucrture or installed outdoors can be equipped with the actuators. Automation functional capabilities enable to automate even armoured gates and doors, sliding gates of flight hangars, which have special dimensions to hundred square meters in extent. The whole range of automation is equipped with control units.
Control units are able to open gate partially to provide pedestriamn access.
Swinging gate automatic equipment
The largest group of actuators is developed for automation of sliding gates.
These are linear electromechanical actuators, linear hydraulic actuators, lever actuators of different capacity, shape, principle of installation, which cover all possible versions of sliding gate automation depending on their design and dimensions.
Controllers of such actuators ensure the relevant sequence of the gate leaf travel as well as automatic control of lock, which is normally used in gate closed position.
Garage gate automatic equipment
For automation of panel and sectional garage gates ceiling-mounted actuators are used. These actuators have a bus, the length of which corresponds to travel of the gate leaf when it is full open. In the middle of bus a collar or a toothed belt is ised for transmission of force to rod.
Industrial sectional gate automatic equipment
For automation of industrial sectional gates reciprocating actuators are used, which are installed directly on shaft or secondary shaft with driving of the basic shaft through belt transmission. Belt transmission is used in those cases when the drive’s capacity is not enough for fitting directly on shaft.
Door automatic equipment
Special door actuators are installed for opening and closing of swinging doors. These actuators are analogous to door closers of a little bigger size. These actuators are controlled by buttons, radars as well as by means of the mode “push and go”. Controller of actuator identifies door movement when it is opened manually and further it functions automatically. For fully automatic operation mode radars are used, which are located from both sides of door.
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors are widely used in new office buildings, stores, banks, hotels, airports. Door leaves are normally made from glass and they can also be framed with metal profiles. Atomatic sliding doors usually function in automatic mode by means of radars, which are located from both sides of door.
Automatic revolving doors
Automatic revolving doors are used in the places of continuous pedestrian traffic flow as well as where it is necessary to retain heat in the lobby when the weather is cold. In any position there is a barrier between outdoor and indoor, which prevents draught and retains heat. Revolving doors of large diameter function in automatic mode by means of radars, whereas small diameter doors can function in manual mode.

Antiramming devices

Standard gates and road barriers are unable to prevent entry of not only a heavy truck but even a car running at high speed. The only mechanical obstructions (except for concrete blocks and heavy metal constructions) are antiramming devices. Antiramming device is a mechanism with automatic or manual control, design of which enables to arrange authorized access of vehicle to protected site and, if applicable, completely prevent its entry. Antiramming devices are intended according to probable design basis threat (weight and speed of vehicle) for each object.
Automatic antiramming devices can be made in the form of:
- gates,
- road barriers,

extendible underground bollards and sectors.

Road blocks

Restriction of vehicle access to any areas with free pedestrian movement to be kept is ensured by automatic semi-automatic extendible road blocks. Automatic extendible road blocks have an actuator, which enables to alter their state remotely. Semi-automatic extendible road blocks are extended by means of spring or gas cylinder and for application a force to be applied to compress spring or gas in cylinder and manually lock.

Road barriers

Road barriers and automatic equipment enable to solve problems of entrying to the yard and automation of turnpike road. All types are completed with radio control box and have beam drop protection system.
Fully completed road barrier integrates all elements, which are necessary for functioning even when voltage is dropped and power is off and its price is attractive. The road barrier housing, coated with bright powder enamel (RAL 2004) and always visible at the entrances and exits of parking lots, will be helpful to always have vacant parking space and prevent any outsiders.
The width of blocked passageway can vary from 2.5m to 7м. This is convenient for choosing of road barrier’s kit depending on the customer’s requirements.

Automatic parking

Paid parking systems are designed for automation of parking operation and absence of human factor at the stage of service payment. These systems can be installed on open areas, underground and multi-storied parkings with one or several entries/exits. The system can be used on parkings with different level of automation by volume and intensity. Modularity of equipment and software tools enables to build optimal system for each specific case according to capital and operating cost ratio. Reliable algorithms of security make the system unvulnerable to possible wrongdoings and the system is protected from any possible sabotage of unfair users and personnel.

Payment and permit system

Leisure centre system
The system identificator is a wrist bracelet with programmable microprocessor. It enables to swim in the pool, take a bath or sauna, workout in gymnasium etc. without removal of the bracelet.
Ski resort system
On-the-spot control and mangement of information of different structures of ski resort integrated into common computer network: acces to ski-lifts, renting, parking, training with instructor, cafes and restaurants, hotel accomodation, gym workout is provided by ski resort system.
Stadium system
Stadium system will be a perfect solution to secure controlled access to gymnasiums and stadiums according to "open" and "closed" bar-code tickets and season tickets to access audience to the appropriate stadium sector or sport arena.

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